Truly outrageous Autographed JEM photo

Truly outrageous Autographed JEM photo


A wonderful personally autographed Jem photo from the truly outrageous "Jem/Jerrica" herself.

Make sure when you pay with paypal you email Sam's street team also and give them correct spelling of the name you wish to have it autographed to.

Photo designed by: Bobby Henley

NEW ALBUM "Somethin' Good" 2011



A stylish and glittery romp through the Synth-Pop world of lust, perseverance, scandal and dreams. Samantha ignites the senses with her appetite for catchy hooks, shimmery keyboards and tasty loops - exploring everything from being at the mercy of the unknown in "Blue Sea" to championing a dream on her title track "Somethin' Good" to sex in the friendly skies with "Hands On Me'. Samantha's beautifully dynamic and expressive vocals paint sensual vignettes of desire, betrayal, love and longing. Produced by Michael Jackson's "This Is It" programmer Dave Polich, all are invited to bite into this tasty and revealing Synth Pop 2011 release from the Songbird who touts an international fan base for her iconic pop culture voice-over work as "JEM" and "JERRICA" in the beloved animated cartoon series "JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS"

CD SINGLE "Perfect Eyelashes"

Debut Album 2008 (Download)

Samantha Newark (Download)


Self Titled first album: Sensual electronica Pop co-written and performed by Samantha Newark and Produced and co-written by Nashville Producer, songwriter Johnny Douglas.

REMIXES "Rainy Day Girl"

REMIX "My Desire"