Happy February!!

Hey everyone,
Happy February!! Can you believe it? Time truly does fly so I hope you guys are making it count.
I’m loving Dallas, we get so much sunshine here, there’s a ton to do and see and I know I’ve barely scratched the surface here - It makes me happy!
I do wish I had more music news to share with you right now. I’m working on putting an electronic duo together just vocals and synth programmer extraordinaire so I can start playing my material live but It takes time in a new city to meet like minded musicians that are really pro, so I’m on it, but It’s just taking some time. I’ve got a ton of new material plus the stuff off my two albums that I can’t wait to play live!!!!
I don’t know about you but over the holidays and truthfully before that during my move to Texas, It was an extravaganza of grilled Cheese sandwiches and fries, Mexican food and anything savory and salty that I could get my hands on as well as much merriment with wine or a cocktail to alleviate the stress of moving to a new city. I swear I’ve never seen these numbers on the scale before and I was just simply horrified enough start the journey back to being healthy and the size that I feel most comfortable and empowered at. I do confess to being a bit of an emotional eater (I’m sure some of you can relate). So the point is, I’ve not been feeling too excited about getting on stage right now so bare with me while I work this out - I love this quote by Joel Osteen that says “The way you see yourself and feel about yourself will have a tremendous impact on how far you go in life and whether or not you fulfill your destiny.” I decided to give myself a bit of a break to really work on me and take care of my mind, body and spirit.
I am going to be a guest at this year’s ALL-CON www.all-con.org/ in beautiful Dallas Texas in March and can’t wait to meet all the truly outrageous Jem fans in person. I’m sure I’ll actually get to see one of the brand new JEM dolls in the flesh  www.integritytoys.com/jemandtheholograms/about.php and sign a few of them, so I’m looking forward to that. I’ve heard some great stuff about this convention so I’m looking forward to going and experiencing it for myself. Check out the link for more details if you plan on being in the Dallas area.

Well, that’s all for now, I hope you all are filling your days up with something wonderful that makes you feel alive and happy and on purpose.

Stay outrageous!!
Sam xoxoxo

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