Hey everyone,
March is almost over and I'm so in love with seeing the little buds starting to appear on the very winter weary trees around town, who knew Texas could get so crazy cold. We had TWO Ice storms this year, that shut everything down, it was just nuts - maybe further South like Austin would be a better plan, Seriously!!  I'll be so happy to enjoy some tank top weather and pull all the plants outside onto the patio for another hot summer in Texas. This has been quite the brutal winter for so many across the country so here's to some much needed relief for us all.

March is shaping up to be really exciting - so many fun things afoot, one of the the most Truly Outrageous pieces of news was the big announcement just this week of a
Live action JEM feature film .
The fans have been relentless in their persuit of news about a JEM movie for years and now finally we know it is actually happening. What I do love is that they are asking the fans what they want to see and inviting them to actually audition and submit ideas, and even submit music for the film so that is something I would love to be involved in - keep you posted!!! meanwhile you can read all about the movie in the press via
"Rolling Stone"  LA Times CNN  MTV "Time" "Forbes" "Us Mag" and on and on

- Sadly Christy Marx the creator of JEM was not invited on board, so time will tell if any of us from the original cast will get an invite to appear in the film adaptation of this awesome and iconic cartoon.  I'd say a cool cameo would be a blast and the fans would freekin' love it!!! so if you are a JEM fan, nows the time to let your voices be heard!!!  

I am excited to have a brand new manager for my celebrity appearences
and quite a lot of shows and celebrity dates to meet the wonderful fans across the country in Texas, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Orlando Florida, and even Toronto Canada for this years International JEMCON .
I'll also be on my way to Pasadena, CA in June to be a guest for my work on Transformers at 
a huge Transformers convention and the 30th anniversary of the Transformers brand. I played 3 different roles on the original Transformers cartoon series and although the roles were small, it is still so cool to have leant my voice-work to such an iconic brand and It will be the first time seeing Sue Blu who played "Stormer" in JEM since working on the show so I'm really excited about that.

I'll be heading back into the studio in LA in June to work on brand new originial music with my wonderful long time producer and friend 
Dave Polich to finish some new music we started a few months back. I also get to shoot a cool public service announcement for a really good cause (More details on that soon) and lastly on my trip to Sunny CA a music video shoot for my new song "Can I get a hey yea".

I'm also continuing to do quite a bit of singing for
Bricks in the wall 
an amazing and super talented and realistic Pink Floyd tribute band. We have some big shows all through the Spring and Summer playing venues like The House Of Blues so please check out my events calendar for all shows and event details for the next coming months.

So there ya'll are caught up on the happenings for now, you guys are so awesome and I love to be able to share what's going on with everything in my JEM world and my music!!!

"Stay outrageous"

Love Sam xo

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    Amazing news!

    Amazing news!

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