About JemCon from the JemCon website

Since 2005, JemCon has been hosted by fans for fans to celebrate the Jem animated series and the line of fashion dolls from Hasbro. It’s a truly outrageous, fun-filled weekend for all ages and fans fly in from all over the world each year to attend!

JemCon began back in 2005 when JemCon founder Liz Pemberton held the first annual JemCon in Minneapolis. Since then, JemCon has grown year after year and has been held in three countries and 15 different cities! While COVID-19 necessitated a move to a virtual online convention for both 2020 & 2021, we have since returned to a hybrid in-person convention with virtual elements in Minneapolis, which took place in 2022, as well as in Rhode Island for 2023. We hope to continue this hybrid approach for our next convention happening in October 2024 in Phoenix, Arizona.

JemCon is open to participation regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, creed, race, socioeconomic status or disability. Discrimination, harassment or other unwelcomed behavior will not be tolerated. In participating virtually or in person you agree to abide by these guiding principles. At the sole discretion of JemCon staff, those in violation will be asked to leave and/or barred from online access. Refunds for any paid access or registration fees will not be provided.

Let’s all do our part to make sure JemCon continues to be a safe space for all fans. The love that unites us will help put it all together for an experience that is ... truly outrageous!!!