Back on track!! Happy January everyone

Hey there friends, music peeps, and the Truly outrageous Jem community,
I haven't posted here in forever it feels - I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years with their families.
For me It all seems a blur since October really when I embarked on a super fun tour with my band at the time Lydias Libido to promote our debut album.
We actually kicked serious ass and got out there and traveled and played music for people in St Louis, Nashville, Cleveland, Chicago, New York and it was a highlight of last year for me for sure.
As you know the life of bands can be crazy and often somewhat short lived - this one about 8 months for me wishing to front the project but sometimes you just have to be brave and close a door and move on and I'm in a good place and I wish them well on their music journey. 
Now that I have the wind back in my sails, I can't tell you how excited I am to focus on songs songs songs that I've recorded and ones written yet to be recorded and a new band that I'm working to put together. I am so excited to start getting out performing and playing locally and find some great people to work with. 
I also have to thank my friends in the amazing Pink Floyd tribute project I sing with, they are beyond fantastic and kind beyond kind and so bloody talented. We have played some awesome shows together in 2013 including two sold out headlining shows at The House Of Blues (Houston) and House of Blues (Dallas). I can't wait to do more gigs with them this coming year, so be sure to check out for event info.
My calendar is starting to roll with some really fun convention appearances this year to meet the ever and truly outrageous "JEM" fans and Transformers fans so please check the events page on my official site​ as well as my facebook page and sign my mailing list to see if I am coming to your neck of the woods this year and can meet you in person.
Cheers everyone, 
fun new news and music news coming soon!!!

Sam xoxoxoox


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