You have been with me on such a crazy, wacky, wonderful journey all these years. 

 I really do relate to my roles on JEM. 

I'm Jerrica Benton, business woman, creating and running all that goes on behind the scenes, wearing a million and one hats and pretending like I know what I'm doing. 

Then I get to put on my makeup and hair, roll out my swagger in some sparkly heels, throw some glitter, crank the music and walk out on stage, much like Jem!! 

As many in entertainment will tell you, this is a journey of huge peaks and valleys, feast and famine. It's not an industry for the faint of heart and you have to be in it for the long run.

You will encounter a ton of in your face rejection of your talent In a business that offers no real formula for success. You'll meet magical peers, your tribe who are walking the same path but also many Misfits and Eric Raymonds along the way who would just love to see you fail. Be ready to leap into the void, and take huge risks. It will require a ton of courage or crazy, maybe a little of both because you never know what is over the next horizon. 

Be boundlessly in love with what you do like the deepest  most beautiful breath in your lungs, something "You literally CAN'T NOT do".

It is true for me and the one thing that has sustained me

and then there are YOU GUYS!!

I can't even begin to tell you what your love and encouragement has meant to me over the years, I'm so honored and grateful. My heart could burst sometimes, I'm incredibly humbled. It inspires me to wake up every day and keep creating, growing and sharing my gifts.


I wanted to have the following galleries on my website of some of my Truly Outrageous adventures over the last few years. I hope you may find yourself in some of the photos here and the ones yet to come.

Thank you, 

You have my heart!! 


Love always, Sam xo