Happy New Year!!!

Well, I told you guys I wasn't going to bombard your email inbox with Newsletters from me but didn't expect to not connect here with my wonderful mailing list peeps since August. Wow!! Firstly I want to wish everyone a truly blessed and Happy New Year. Hope it was a happy holiday season for you guys and hello to all the new mailing list members, thanks and welcome!! 
I'm happy to say I'm back living in Nashville TN as of mid December after being in Dallas TX for almost 3 years. I loved Dallas but it was time to go and really put down some roots. I have moved and moved and moved and I'm just so ready to live somewhere and call it home.  I love Nashville and as many of you know, lived here from around 2008 for about 5 year. My Mom and Step Dad live here so life has brought me in a big circle all the way back to beautiful music city and I'm loving it already. 

I had an extraordinary year I have to say, 2014 was really wonderful for me and I felt long overdue for one this fantastic. I toured and toured all over regionally as a backup singer with the brilliant Pink Floyd Tribute band 
Bricks in the wall

We toured our butts off and sold out venues night after night such as the House of Blues in Dallas, New Orleans, Houston and great shows of more than 3000 fans in Corpus Christi TX . I have alway loved the music of Pink Floyd, so to get to perform these iconic songs with the level of musicianship in the band was truly an incredible ride. I made some life long friends but with all rides, they must come to an end and of course with my move back to Nashville I passed the torch. But no regrets only love and excitement for everything planned for this year. 

2014 also had me flying on a million planes all over the USA and Canada to meet the Truly outrageous Jem fans.
I'm calling it
"The Jem Tour"

 I swear I now know what it's like to have trouble remembering where you were last week or what city you are in. It took me to so many wonderful cities and shows including my first Transformers convention www.botcon.com in CA for my voice-over work on the original Transformers series. That one was amazing as I got to re unite with the voice of Stormer from JEM Sue Blu.

See tons of great photo's of meeting the fans on my official FACEBOOK page

 I have to pinch myself sometimes that I actually get to do this and be nothing less than your ambassador for Jem and all she stands for. I truly do understand the levity of nostalgia and appreciate so much meeting the fans of the show. I swear I see the 8 year old kids behind your eyes and the wonderful excitement when get to connect and you hear me speak and see my pink hair. You tell me how much Jem has meant to you and are so thrilled that my voice still sounds the same as It did when I was Jem and Jerrica and It's beyond lovely to have these precious moments with you guys, I feel honored and humbled every time. 

One of the major highlights of the year for myself and of course the Jem fan base was the announcement finally of the  JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS feature film.

A live action Jem movie that the fans have been asking for for many many years. 
The movie is directed by Jon M. Chu and Written by Ryan Landels. 
Produced by Jason Blum
Scooter Braun
Brian Goldner
Stephen Davis
Bennett Schneir
Jon M. Chu
In April, it was announced that Aubrey Peeples had been cast as Jem, with Stefanie Scott as Kimber,Hayley Kiyoko as Aja, and Aurora Perrineau as Shana. On April 30, actor Ryan Guzman was cast as Rio On May 19, Juliette Lewis was added to the cast of the film. On May 20, Molly Ringwald joined the film. and Universal is distributing and releasing Jem and the holograms October 23rd of this year. 

In strange Serendipity I was musing for a change with my hair, a re-invention if you will. Sometimes that's all it takes to change your vibration so I made it happen in late April.  A lovely Sienna Miller rose gold color as I was much tired of my blonde locks. A sweet friend of mine saw the photo of my new hair and said "You know Sam, it's not such a stretch to go pink with your hair, I think you should just go for it" Thanks Casey as that is exactly what I did and it' wasn't a few days after I did Pink hair that I got a private message from director Jon Chu asking me if I'd join the cast of the new Jem movie and allow him write a special cameo for me. Of course suddenly I was afraid that there would be too many little miss pink hairs on the set with the new Jem and myself but my manager sent photos and Jon loved it and it all was as I say "Meant to be".

Right after I shot the movie before I headed back to Texas - I was invited to be a part of the Dream Loud campaign that encourages schools to keep their music programs alive. Many faces you might know from film and TV have shot for this project and of course I jumped at the opportunity to be involved with such a great cause - The only thing I loved about school and made me want to show up was choir and reading - here are a couple of pics from the shoot.
Check out the Dream Loud official website for more info

 I was thrilled to meet my wonderful manager this year Tim Bendig at In Person Productions. Tim books all my convention appearences and is so kind and lovely and smart and a bulldog when needed and I couldn't be more grateful to have him and his wonderful partner James on my team. So please stay connected as I already have bookings starting in February so check my tour schedule here frequently and maybe I'll be coming to a city near you this year!!! 

On the music front, I do want to mention that I have a bunch of new original material in the works for my up coming third solo release due out later this year 2015. I'm so excited to be working on new music with Dave Polich and will keep you all posted on that as it unfolds.  

In voice-over news I was cast in the new animated short feature film "HG CHICKEN AND THE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER"
 From the same team that brought you the festival favorite animated "Pound dogs" HG Chicken is an animated comedy short film by Mike Salva, starring the voice talents of comedians Bobcat Goldthwait as HG Chicken, Jonathan Katz as Teak the robot, Maria Bamford as Kristal, and Todd Barry as Zee. The cast also includes Lloyd Kaufman (director of the Toxic Avenger films and Class of Nuke'Em High), Herschell Gordon Lewis (director of Blood Feast and 2000 Maniacs) and Trevor Lissauer (Sabrina the Teenage Witch).The project has wrapped and will be due out in 2015
2014 saw me also invited to do voice-over for a super fun Halloween project called 
Vault of the Macabre

 An anthology of 4 short horror/macabre poems, narrated by myself and  Elvira (Mistress of the dark), Clive Barker (creator of Hellraiser, Nightbreed, candyman) Adam Baldwin (Firefly, serenity, chuck, angel)  Larry Kenney ( Voice of Lion'o - Thundercats). An original Score from composer Russell Bell and featuring James Unsworth and Jane Elsmore. "The cautionary tale of Maudlin Monroe" "The macabre madness of Mortulia Morose" "Maurice the morose clown" "Dave the demented hermit" Created and directed by Darren Field.

And as if the movie and the dolls weren't enough 2014 brought 
Happy Honda days commercials featuring the brand new Integrity Hollywood Jem doll narrating the spots with a GI Joe Doll. The commercials were so much fun but the Jem fans were truly up in arms that Honda didn't ask me to voice Jem. They were less than happy with the the girl that did the spots so I decided to redo the voice-over for the fans and the second one is a fan made video with my voice too -  watch here!! 

March 2015
will see the launch of the truly outrageous

Jem and the holograms comic book
- It just keeps getting more and more fun. IDW publishing and Hasbro are set to launch a brand new "JEM" comic book series and the buzz is ramping up. The artwork is crazy cool I can't wait to get my hands on some copies and enjoy them for myself. 
It is the 30 anniversary of the animated Jem series so it seems fitting that Hasbro is working tirelessly to bring Jem and Jem fans together again in 2015. 

There have just been so many wonderful moments, too many to even mention but I just can't thank the fans enough for their love and support. And my truly outrageous TEAM I couldn't do this without you guys (Will, Tim, James, Narciso, Geo, JeffX and Rick Suweidan) You rock!! here's to a fantastic new year!!! 

Wishing you all a tremendously successful 2015 - I'll keep you posted, thanks so much for reading
Stay outrageous!! 

Love and hugs, 
Sam xo

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