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Doubletree by Hilton Park hotel , 1500 Park Place , Minneapolis

Samantha is excited to join in the fun at this years JEMCON in Minneapolis

Since 2005, JemCon has been hosted by fans for fans to celebrate the Jem animated series and the line of fashion dolls from Hasbro. It’s a truly outrageous, fun-filled weekend for all ages and fans fly in from all over the world each year to attend!

JemCon began back in 2005 when JemCon founder Liz Pemberton held the first annual JemCon in Minneapolis. Since then, JemCon has grown year after year and has been held in three countries and 15 different cities! While COVID-19 necessitated a move to a virtual online convention for both 2020 & 2021, we plan on returning to an in-person convention in Minneapolis, taking place September 2nd-4th, 2022. JemCon 2005: Makin Mischief in Minneapolis

JemCon 2006: Outrageous in Orlando

JemCon 2007: Showtime in Chicago

JemCon 2008: Rockin’ in L.A.

JemCon 2009: Magic in Motown

JemCon 2010: Set Your Sails for New England

JemCon 2011: Makin' it Happen in Holland

JemCon 2012: Show Me The Way to St. Louis

JemCon 2013: Share a Little Bit in Maine

JemCon 2014: Truly Outrageous in Toronto

JemCon 2015: Freedom in Philadelphia

JemCon 2016: Up 'n Rockin' in Upstate New York

JemCon 2017: Straight From the Heart in Seattle

JemCon 2018: Click Clash in Cleveland

JemCon 2019: Believe in Buffalo

JemCon 2020: The Virtual Jem Jam (online convention)

JemCon 2021: Love Unites Us (online convention)

and coming soon….

JemCon 2022: Midsummer Madness in Minneapolis